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    Boat Ramp Work Bee
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    Nestled in the Trees
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    Community Picnic
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    Rowing & Paddling
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    Winter happy hour
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    Old Trellis
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    Lake cruise
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    Snowfall on Mt. Mark
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    Tree Planting
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    Woodlot Information
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    Lake Surface Frozen
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    Old Stump Springboard Slot
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    Cabin at Christmas
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    From Mt. Wesley looking north
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    Firewood Cutting
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Horne Lake Strata
Horne Lake Community is centrally located on Vancouver Island, 20 minutes north west of Qualicum Beach. This lakefront community was created by the cottage owners to preserve the distinct recreational way of life that has been enjoyed for many years. There are 400 bareland strata recreational lots surrounded by our own 3200 acres of forested common property. Looking for a cottage retreat? There are a few undeveloped lots and previous developed lots with cottages For Sale. All lots are waterfront on Horne Lake and offer a range of topography and features.

Click on our Properties section for a list of some of the cottages and lots For Sale.

We look forward to welcoming new owners to our community and encourage all who wish to invest in our community, to understand the opportunities and responsibilities it offers.

John Pray, Strata Property Manager
204 - 6996 West Island Hwy
Bowser, BC. V0R 1G0
Phone: 1-780-719-6569

"The Horne Lake Community is committed to a safe, pristine/natural, family oriented, recreational area that embraces sustainable environmental stewardship."

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